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Throughout the country there’s some really good clothing brands that aren’t recognised by a lot of people due to their absence of presence within clothing stores. These brands put out some really good items, ranging from hats, to necklaces to hoodies to jean chains. Here is a collection of some of what I believe to the best of them.



Being one of the first online brands that really stood out to me, NRTH definitely gets a mention. Original, creative pieces at a very good price. Longsleeves for £18? You can’t go wrong. The quality is great as well, and so is the customer service. With a new range recently launched I wouldn’t wait on purchasing from here if I were you.

Ourobros longsleeve tee.



Murky is an original, simple concept that is executed so well. Paying homage to the urban voice of Britain, the word is stitched into every item on the site. The embroidery on the products is class and their products fit so well (I’m writing this in one of their caps). If you’re looking for simplicity then Murky is your brand, and that isn’t an insult, there is a lot that can be done with it, especially the colour ways, as seen with the PlayStation colour scheme on one of the longsleeves they aren’t afraid to mix it up.

Playstation Logo longsleeve tee.



Recently seen on Casey Neistat, Set is an up and coming brand with a good concept and excellently executed. With the endorsement from Casey Neistat they also have some more close to home from Rejjie snow to Frisco and even Skepta. They have tapped into the ‘Less is more’ style so much so that they’ve even put that on clothing and have branched out from a variety of different hats to joggers and more recently rings, which are a must buy if you have the money.

6 Panel cap.


This is mentioned for the wrestling fans. Not the WWE ones, but independent scene ones. It’s by wrestlers for wrestlers. These wrestlers include Fergal Devitt (WWE’s Finn Balor), Zack Sabre Jr. and Adam Cole. These wrestling designs are really stellar and are a must have for a fan of indy wrestling. Their affordable and your support for indy wrestling will only help progress the rapid growth of the art form over the world, and also it doubles up as that perfect gym wear.

Devitt Is Real tee.


Starting out not so long ago, Hoodlab have established themselves as a mainstay on the internet fashion scene. Having multiple designs be received so well, it’s astonishing to see what they come up with next. Drawing on cultural competencies of a range of things you may already know, they incorporate them into the designs so well. The lookbook (or cookbook to them) is always so well shot as well and sells the product even more, which is not as easy as it sounds to do these days. With their next range ‘The Blueprint’ having more items that drop soon, I’d get onto the brand if you haven’t already.

Go On Den short sleeve.


After searching through the internet looking for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tops I came across this brand because of their collab with Canadian artist Brandon Celi. Then after going through more of their items I saw what they have to offer and there is some really dope items there. They do have a range of items for what seemed at first like a small brand, including coats, tote bags and even watches. Their collaborations with different people is what makes them so refreshing and is definitely a reason you should check them out.

Brandon Taylor tee. SCRT’s Collab with Brandon Celi.


With some vibrant, colourful and quite trippy designs, Doübious have put out some really nice pieces. With designs of which I’ve not seen the likes of before, they typically have a small front print on the chest and then the same in larger format on the back, but that isn’t the case for all of them as they delved into 3M designs well, not overdoing it. The t-shirts are perfect for summer, and especially festivals, whilst you’re on the site be sure to check out the dubs they put out too.

Tarot tee, The Wheel of Fortune.


If you’re looking for jewellery at an affordable price with genuine nice looks then Chained & Able is one of the best places to go. With the last drop only happening a few days ago, there’s a vast range of items for you to get and pretty much all look nice and are affordable. The quality is good and the reviews of the product are all positive, give them a look asap!

A range of items from the new drop.


Fitting the stylish x road aesthetic so well, Dead Night are inventive in every sense of the word (just check ‘The Rights’ tee). With looks that could have fit in back in the golden years of Grime, they are really something to look out for and definitely invest in. Again, with affordable prices, it’s a no brainer to at least buy one piece.


Roadman tee.


Another jeweller, and up to the same highly respectable standard as Chained & Able. Feather Pendants specialise in, well, pendants. With unique ones ranging from a M16 to the Tree of Life. They’re the site to check out if you want to add more to a chain you already own, or if you want a affordable necklace/pendant combo then you can buy the chain too.  With rings coming out before, hopefully there’ll be more to see from them as the year progresses.


words by Rohan Parmar

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