Daniel Bryan to retire from pro wrestling immediately.

WWE’s lovable underdog Daniel Bryan has seemingly announced his retirement from professional wrestling via twitter:

The former WWE World Heavyweight champion has been out of action since April of last year after winning the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania 31, and fans have been clamouring for his return ever since. After beginning his career in 1999, Bryan Danielson – as he was then known – worked for various independent companies, wrestling classic matches with an abundance of wrestlers. His stint in Ring of Honor is considered arguably the best of all time, he wrestled in the main event of the company’s first show against Low Ki and Christopher Daniels. He wrestled three 4.75 star rated in the company against; Nigel McGuinness, KENTA (now Hideo Itami) and Takeshi Morishma.

Ring of Honor isn’t the only independent company he wrestled classics in, PWG, FIP and Evolve all boast great Bryan matches outside of the WWE. He also found stardom in Japan as American Dragon, through his career he suffered numerous setbacks through injury.

His start in WWE was rocky, after debuting on the main roster with Nexus he was fired for non-PG violence after he choked Justin Roberts with his own tie, only to be reinstated due to popular demand. He had numerous feuds within WWE, some of the most notable names include; Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and CM Punk. In the summer of 2013 though, Bryan rose to stardom, after beating John Cena for the title clean only to then be enthralled in a riveting – at times – feud with The Authority. His fans literally put him in the main event for the subsequent Wrestlemania after news leaked he wasn’t going to be in it, and they began to berate almost every aspect of WWE. After winning the World title in the main event of the show, he suffered a neck injury and then upon his return the following year suffered another injury, which now leads to his announced retirement.

Of course, he could pull a Mark Henry and ‘announce’ a retirement only to turn and announce his contendership for the title, but that seems too far a stretch. Daniel Bryan will be missed by fans and wrestlers alike if he is retiring, as he is a one in a million competitor. Thank you for all you have given us Bryan, and know we as fans support whatever decision you choose to make.


words by Rohan Parmar.

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