Grime songs new grime fans need to hear.

It’s no surprise to hear grime has soared to new heights over the past year or so. After growing up with the genre thanks to having two older brothers who were fans of it, I consider myself a grime kid. With that being said it annoys me – like it does any old fan of something that recently blows up – when I see all these people on twitter hyping about how they’ve known this artist or that song for so long when they couldn’t have told you who Crazy Titch can see if you asked them a couple years ago.

This post is for them unheard of songs that these new kids won’t know too well, so don’t expect big classics like ‘Pow 2004’ or ‘I Luv U’ on this, as most grime fans know them now.

So allow me to take you new grime fans on a tour of a world full of punchlines, hooks and aggression, whilst you old fans can – like Choong Family – take a trip down memory lane.

Mayhem – We Big Like EA

Remember a couple years ago you saw “Teacher vs. Student in rap battle”? The kid in this is that student, known to grime fans as Blizzard. This was back in the days of Channel U, every grime kid would rush home to watch it and sometimes stay up late to see Channel U XXX. This song helped show people what grime was at the time, as well as promoting Need for Speed. This was an anthem for fans who wanted that perfect song on when playing on the PS2.

Roll Deep – When I’m Ere

You know them guys who made that trash Green Light and Good Times a few years ago? They weren’t always that bad. They were once Kings of Grime. This was the unofficial ‘riding anthem’ as I’ve seen commented through the years. Everyone in the video wearing the same black Nike hoodie, Scratchy’s noise that he does, and everyone going bar for bar on one of the best beats of all time help make this a classic. Also props for the old fans who know the Frisco sneak disses in this.

Narstie v Solo – Brushman

Before Uncle Pain there was just simply Narstie. A funny punchline spitting, deep cutting insult giver… So not much has changed. His ‘battle’ with Solo is one of the funniest songs you’ll hear but also just a taster of what some clashes could be like “Your girl’s got a playstation bum” “Your girl looks like Sloth from Goonies or Louis Saha”  You cannot tell me these insults aren’t jokes.

Demon – Armshouse

This is just pure aggression, from the beat to the delivery, Demon was on one here. He used most of these bars in his Pow verse, and some in his LOTM clash with Bashy, but that doesn’t take anything away from him, as these were some classic bars. Pure evil bars from him. “I’ll bring armshouse to your mum’s house”‘. (If you don’t know what ‘arms house’ is, urban dictionary it.)

Mr. Wong – Not On A Longage

Another Channel U classic. This is a song that helps show the funny side of grime again. Mr. Wong is a legend in grime, that Chinese boy who’s not a longage! How can you not know?! He helped bring a name into the game many fans might know now too, SkrapzNot much is really known of Mr. Wong now, but you can just tell this track went off back in the day if you weren’t around to know it.

Crazy Titch – Sing Along

Crazy’s got a new sing along! You can’t help but sing this hook. Crazy was taking grime places before his incarceration, he had an orchestra in the background. Who does that?! One of grime’s biggest names, and he had beef with Dizzee that every grime fan should know about. You might recognise his name from Jme’s ‘Man Don’t Care’: “Old school rudeboy like Crazy T” yeah Crazy didn’t play about, google why he’s in prison.

Durrty Goodz – Letter 2 Titch

This is just pure emotion. Durrty is Titch’s brother. Titch got locked up. Letter 2 Titch. Just listen. People who have heard this before know the rawness behind this track.

DJ Kamikaze – Ghetto Kyote

This was the beat that every had. Check the YouTube comments talking about how people had it on their Sony Ericsson’s, this was heavy. I was only little but I remember the beat, names from Kano to Crazy Titch spat on this beat. Stormzy recently did a Daily Duppy on this so that’s why it might sound familiar.

Big H – Hooligan

Big H used to be that guy! He kind of flopped in his clash with P Money and his German Whip verse wasn’t all that, but he used to be one of the hardest. Hooligan is a track that proves this, H is on point with his bars and the beat is too good.

D Double E – Freestyle 

The legend himself, grime’s best of all time. This freestyle was so jokes but so good at the same time. Them ones with the bars about cars, “think you can test me in your megane?” is a line that everyone laughed at. D Double knows how to balance punchlines and heavy bars.

The Streets feat.  Skepta, Wretch 32, Ghetto, Tinchy Stryder, D.E.Velopment, Bossman & Frisco – Pranging Out (Remix)

Back before Ghetto was Ghetts, before Tinchy was with N-Dubz, before Suzie made Devilman do it, before we didn’t know if Skepta lipsed any girl there was this. A remix to The Streets’ song Pranging Out, with grime vets. Everybody went hard in this, especially Ghetts. Shouts to The Streets for always being around the urban/grime scene.

Nu Brand Flexxx – Gash by da Hour

Boya Dee has come a long way, now a Channel 4 correspondent, formerly that guy who got gash by the hour! Him, Sas Killa and Striver on this were too much. Another Channel U gem, this was apparently a club anthem – I wouldn’t know though. Still a classic and a must listen for grime fans.

Variety of North West London names – North Weezy

I’m not gonna act like I know all these guys’ names (it does say them in the video though.) But this was an anthem, when every side of London was clashing, this was one of the songs at the forefront as was…

Southside Allstars – Southside Riddim

This was South’s song for this London clash. Arguably the best for the big name in it… Asher D, he was in Top Boy not so long ago, but before that was a Grime MC, and a pretty good one at that. There’s plenty of these London beef songs you can find but these two are the best two. You need to recognise this North/East/South/West London beef to appreciate Grime that much more.

Kray Twinz ft. Twista, Lethal B & Gappy Ranks – What We Do

Before Skepta got all these American cosigns, Lethal B & Gappy Ranks hopped on a track with hip-hop vet Twista. Grime and Hip-Hop crossover to make a song that is still a banger, Lethal B may have fallen off  a bit as of late, but back in his More Fire Crew days, he wasn’t one to be messed with – truly a Grime Godfather.

Akala – Shakespeare

You might have seen him on the internet shutting down racists or just talking about American corruption, but before all that he was just a Grime MC. The man brought real intellect to Grime. Respected by pretty much every Grime fan and artist, Akala is a legend and his old stuff is music nobody should sleep on.

So that’s it, some grime classics these new kids need to listen to. Hopefully there is some memorable songs in here for some of you old grime fans. Any songs that should be on here? Comment below and tell me what.

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