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Hip-hop heads pride themselves on knowing the next big thing. People claim to have known ScHoolboy since before he dropped Gangsta and Soul or somehow somebody found Kendrick’s Youngest Head Nigga in Charge (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year) mixtape when it first dropped.

In this new series, I’m going to promote some of the names fans may not know but really should. Names that will surely big in a few years time, and ones you can play to your friends now and show off about how much hip-hop you know when you’re at parties.

Without further ado, here’s the first rapper in the series:

black zheep
Things are looking up for Black Zheep DZ.

Black Zheep DZ 

Baltimore’s talented Black Zheep DZ is underlooked far too much. A trending topic in the underground world of hip-hop, DZ has been killing it with his visually stunning videos and hot mixtapes. To not rate him would be foolish.

Working closely with producers like Royal and Rvdical the Kid, his mixtapes Refugee and 8th World have been critically praised and he’s seemingly on par with a lot of the best in the game right now. His videos do set him apart from a lot of the underground rappers, though. Whereas a lot of cliché underground videos follow no real narrative and/or use a fish eye lens a lot,  DZ’s are different. As seen in his video for yesterday’s where him and friends go to the woods and they all then get shot at only for a good reveal at the end (see video for the reveal). Not only is there some narrative but the shots, angles and mise en scene all piece together superbly to help him stand out. You may have seen his face in GoldLink’s When I Die video however, as them two are close friends.

Aside from his magnificent videos, he also has an ear for very good beats. Displayed all throughout his mixtapes and his main singles, the beats are always on point – although that can be credit to the respected producer’s, the fact he doesn’t ruin them and will ultimately choose what he spits over is also a credit to him. He works flawlessly with the beats and uses them to his advantage in terms of structures of the songs, he’s not one to be messed with when it comes to beat changing and I’m personally waiting to hopefully someday see him on Five Fingers Of Death. He can work on light dance joints but also go on some dark, baroque seeming music and every style does suit him.

To not mention Black Zheep’s flow, lyricism and overall verbal style would be a crime. His flow seems to perfectly blend with any beat and the lyricism is always on point. Whether it be bars about drugs or girls, most tracks with have them reload bars or just ones that make you question what you heard in a very very good way. He’s an very well rounded rapper who doesn’t get the recognition he so rightly deserves, but surely will do if he keeps doing what he’s doing. With features from the likes of Denzel Curry and regular feature Soduh, he can go bar for bar with some good names and come out on top.

Black Zheep should be a name you listen out for. Go follow him on social media and check some videos/lyrics below to convince you to be a fan if you’re not one already.

Instagram –

Soundcloud –

Twitter – @ZheepDZ

“If I get cross, you get your face crossed like Benoit” – 4.1.0 ft. Denzel Curry

A mansion out in Maryland somewhere
With a few Monroes
Ro-manson(romancing) like Marilyn
Mary go round Down that pole” – Yesterday’s 

“Oh What a scary sight. All Milk denim yeah that dairy white
Chocolate chip in the whip engine sounding like Barry White” – Shoot First

Words by Rohan Parmar

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