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ro ransom

Ro Ransom

Harlem native Ro Ransom started off as Nero, dropping a mixtape with Rich Hill entitled Howling At Hades to internet acclaim. After taking time away from music he came back as Ro Ransom and started to release bangers left, right and centre.

A sound reminiscent of so many rappers blended into one – including Drake, Joey Bada$$ and Lupe Fiasco – Ro is one of the best kept secrets in hip hop. Keeping a cool, laidback, quite mysterious persona through social media and either snapping or just making your jaw drop through his music, he has the talent not many other rappers possess. It’s honestly a wonder to me how he hasn’t blown up yet. He raps about what interests him, so it isn’t just drugs or money or crime, but it’s personal things. Anecdotes, parties he’s been to, anime and not to mention wrestling. (sidenote, as a massive wrestling fan, his references are second to none.)  He dropped Ransomnia in 2012, a superb mixtape with production including Travi$ Scott and features from the likes of Trae Tha Truth & Casey Veggies. He really put out a stellar debut solo mixtape, showing he had everything needed to be a successful rapper.

After Ransomnia he dropped a few tracks here and there including a refix of Eminem’s ‘Just Don’t Give A Fuck’ and Lesbian Girl which was an homage to Aaliyah’s If Your Girl Only Knew’. These songs had such a distinct and unique sound, fans yearned for more, only for him to take what seemed like a hiatus. Towards the back end of 2014, he put out the first of his three projects for the year: Ro Ransom Is The Future. The mixtape was tremendous and garnered him a lot of attention from all over and he had seemingly reinvented himself again although keeping the same name. Ro Ransom was now s-rank. The self-proclaimed s-rank vagabond had something to prove to a lot of people with this mixtape, and did so extremely well. Not long after RRITF was released, he dropped Disc 2 to it, a B-Sides if you will. This again was outstanding and people took notice of him and his fanbase seemed to keep growing, the final piece of the mixtape trilogy was released as an exclusive piece to members of the Coyote Yakuza (an exclusive fan-club for Ro.)

Ro Ransom’s style is one not to be insulted. As seen through his social media and his videos, he’s got a good look that not many rappers have. He’s got an eccentric dress sense and overall swagger about him that he carries so well, everything he does seems just that bit cooler than other people. Wearing a range of things from a studded Misfits jumper to a CM Punk GTS Beanie, he does things like no others. Him and his s-rank squad (including names like Kensei Abbot, RobGotBeats & Jayex) are on the come up, working in the studio with something apparently coming soon it’s all exciting times for fans of Ro.

He isn’t a name to forget, as he’s just as – if not more – talented than mainstream artists. With a follow from Drake on twitter, maybe 6 God sees something in him too? Follow him on social media and check some videos/lyrics below to surely convert you into a fan if you’re not already.

Instagram – roransom

Soundcloud –

Twitter – @roransom (sidenote: sounds like Drake so much)

“It’s like the name Noah just don’t fit me lately
It might be unusual but these are more suitable
I’m Juelz ‘s in ’05, Lupe in ’06
I’m Lil Wayne in ’07, can you picture this?” – Jayex Let The Beat Build

“When CM Punk lost the title I said fuck school
I do me, you should try it nigga, fuck cool
I used to get played a lot
Then I got paidd a lot, now I get laid a lot (Roll Call!)” – Anaconda Vice

“It’s lonely at the top, this is unusual shit
Girls tell me all the things they wanna do to my dick
Excuse me but my swag is through the roof in this bitch
Wake up to cash like every day I lose a tooth in this bitch” – No Fucks Given

Words By Rohan Parmar

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