With 1Xtra having a show in Leeds tonight, in preparation they had #YourMove In The Booth happening in the cty centre, with people having chance to show their skills within the booth. This was a chance for Leeds to show they’re not just a second rate city, but one that can match any other city. Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance like this to show everyone else what we’re about. Of course we have our own scene and have memorable bars (If you’re from Leeds put your hoods up) and tracks that have happened in the past see: LS7 Battlers. There was that time Nastee Boi and Witty Boi got on Channel U with the classic I’m From Leeds but the last time we had the national ears open to us was when T2 released Heartbroken and that was about 7 years ago, but now Leeds have made their move.

With 1Xtra giving MC’s this outlet, many stepped up to the plate and performed – but one stood out to me: Zen. An MC who made his name in Don’t Flop and other battle rap promotions, he came repping WY through and through and spat some hard bars over a version of Clint Mansell’s Requiem For A Dream completing killing it. Spitting about a range of things from his Local Lord EP to some more personal memories of fighting in Leo’s rugby club (shouts to the man that know) he helps big up this Leeds scene and not just the WY one that Lunar C has helped to build (no disrespect). Amongst doing this he’s been involved in many other YouTube channel’s videos from previously mentioned Don’t Flop to FNDTV to KODHTV and impressed pretty much all viewers, recently he went on BBC Radio Asian Network with another Leeds MC…

Dialect. These two (including others) went bar for bar on Radio Asian Network over a range of beats including a new Sukh Knight beat. Dialect is no stranger to spotlight, featured on SB.TV numerous times and even clashing Opium at Lord of the Mics 6. One of the most hyped and anticipated spitters on the come up, Dialect is getting praise from numerous names and just by filtering through the comments on his videos he’s bringing credibility to Northern MC’s. Leeds is making noise and Dialect is one of the names helping to make it, if you haven’t had the opportunity to check any of his stuff check his SB.TV in which he sends for Bilzar again below:

Make sure to check Zen’s #YourMove In The Booth here:

Be on the look out for more things coming from not only Zen and Dialect, but other Leeds MC’s like P Solja and Swifty amongst a host of other names. Leeds is certainly not a city to be taken lightly any more.

Follow Zen and Dialect on twitter and let us know what you think of the Leeds movement below.

@ZenLeeds & @Dialect1

words by Rohan Parmar

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